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Images can spread like wild fire, social media, messaging apps and photo sharing makes it so much easier to share holiday photos, pictures with friends and all those embarrassing drunken photos from the night before. But it also makes it easier to abuse someone’s trust.

In the privacy of their own relationship a couple may choose to take intimate photos and send them to one and other, if this relationship should end however there should be no fear of revenge. Unfortunately some individuals feel they need to take revenge, and post naked photos and videos of their ex partners online to abuse and humiliate them.

People need to be held responsible for abusive online behaviour, this applies to trolls, cyber bullies and other manner of online harassment. Specifically we aim to stop the disgusting online trend of revenge pornography.

“It is every bit as abusive as any kind of domestic violence.
Freedom of speech, freedom to protest cannot be translated into cyber abuse as some would argue. These actions are exploitative and cruel. They ruin lives and cost people their self respect and sometimes their jobs.”

- Christina McKelvie